VEJA. Holiday LT Bastille. Silk Quartz Natural.

VEJA. Holiday LT Bastille. Silk Quartz Natural.

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A classic sneaker with a chic twist. Fits true to size.

This silk style is manufactured in a specialized factory located in the South of Brazil for more than 70 years now. The YARN dyed and woven near Sao Paulo creates a solid but delicate fabric with a low impact on the environment, compared to other materials.

- Upper 100% natural silk
- Lateral Logo V made from wild rubber
- Leather linning in vegetable-tanned leather
- Inner sole in vegetable-tanned leather
- Sole made of wild rubber from the Amazonian forest

Care. Waterproof shoes before wear and regularly to keep them nice. Use a leather cleansing product (foam, spray, cream) to maintain. 

Made in Brazil 

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